Ancient American Dogs Wiped Out by Expanding European Civilization

The ancient dogs of America that had arrived in the region along with the human beings around 10,000 years ago had been alter on wiped out from the region & existence by the expanding European Civilization. This fact was laid down by an all-new study. In addition to the few genes that are found in the modern-day dogs, the only remaining trace of the original dogs of America back then in the canines of the current era are found through the common form of canine tumor.

The history of the evolution of dogs in the world has always been complicated. This is because the dogs of today are more like a complex mixture of genes belonging from several breeds. A new study had observed over 71 archeological dogs by collecting & studying the respective genes from the remains found in Siberia & North America. These genes have been compared with the dog genes of the modern-day dogs.

A new study has however, tried to dispel the previous results with respect to the origin of dogs in the region of America. This theory posted that the dogs in America evolved from the domesticated wolves. The research & its findings have revealed that there is no particular evidence of this fact. In the given study, the researchers obtained DNA samples from the remains of the dogs that had spanned time (over 1000 years) along with space including Siberia & North America. The research suggested that a particular origin from the Eurasia and more particularly belonging to Siberia were the first dogs to arrive in America more than 10,000 years ago. Later on, the dogs spread across the region wherein they lives & thrived for over 9000 years –remaining isolated from the surrounding world.

However, those dogs were not the ones that you would like to pet today. Instead, the contemporary breeds of dogs have been likely stemmed from the instances of dog species that were brought to the America & its regions more than 1,000 years ago as per a new study. These included the Arctic dogs that were brought in by the Thule people some thousand years ago. These arctic dogs were the ancestors to the modern-day species including Greenland dogs, malamutes, and huskies. These dogs were introduced into the European region somewhere around the 15th century. Similarly, the Siberian Huskies were brought to the American Arctic region somewhere during the Alaskan Gold Rush period.

Devastating Effects of the Colonization Over Dog’s Population

The introduction of the European dogs has been by far considered to have created the biggest impact. There have been suspected several reasons for the wiping out of the ancient American dogs from their existence. The European colonists viewed the native dogs as some kind of pests and thus, freely killed them. At the same time, some of the Spanish explorers would come across lack of food and they would turn to the native dogs as forms of food back then. All of these factors led to the extinction of the ancient native dogs in America.

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