The American Robin – An Amazing Bird You Should Know

If you live in North America, you must have come across the beautiful, mesmerizing American Robin –the long-time icon of North America. This beautiful bird is quite common in sight –especially during the spring season. The North American Robin is known for its characteristic orange belly and its lovely voice.

If you are a nature-lover, then you can know more about this interesting bird. Here are some interesting facts about American Robin that you would love to know:

  • Robins are immensely popular birds –both in North America as well as in Europe. Moreover, it is considered as the National Bird of Great Britain.


  • The male American Robin is known for singing marvelously –humming to the most beautiful tones you will ever come across. You would observe the male American Robin singing as the last bird until the sun sets.


  • The American Robin is regarded as the state bird for Michigan, Wisconsin, and Connecticut.


  • Robins are known to have a sweet tooth as well. Right from sweet berries to cakes, and even pastry dough –these are some of their favorite


  • You would be confused by the surprisingly similar appearances of the male & female Robins. By looking closer, you would only observe that the female Robin appears slightly duller in the shade than the male counterpart.


  • In the past decades, the Robins were mostly hunted for their meats. However, due to the declining population, the American Robins remain protected under the United States Migratory Birds Act.


  • Heard of drunk Robins? Yes, that is true! The American Robins are known to sometimes flock to fermented berries. Once they ingest large quantities of fermented berries, the Robins appear drunk and reflect behaviors like falling or tripping over while walking and others.


  • The American Robins are quite famous for their running as well as stopping behaviors. It turns out to be one of the main characteristics that distinguish Robins from the others.


  • The American Robin is also famous as a major carrier of the West Nile virus. The Robin is known to hold the virus longer in comparison to other species –therefore, they tend to spread it more than the mosquitoes.


Learn all about this famous North American bird –the chirping of the bird makes it all worthwhile. American Robins are your favorite morning & evening tunes. This beautiful bird is just one of the many animals we’ve profiled on our website.  Content generously provided by Albany Tree Removal, one of our partners and a local contributor to the national bird foundation. Check back frequently for more.

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